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TOP 10 Episerver CMS 10 Changes for Developers

First of all, Episerver 10 is backward compatible 99.9% but in upgrade you should be aware of few things! Here is my top 10 list of CMS changes:
1 Add-ons EPiServer.CMS.Core All add-ons are not yet updated to support new major version.
2 CMS-2295 EPiServer.CMS.UI Remove support for legacy dot syntax for dojo modules
3 CMS-3812 EPiSer…

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Working with Responsive Design Projects

refe-collage Working as a software architect in projects where visual appearance, user interfaces and large scale of device support is as important as the right data and the functioning is very different than being just a back-end developer in a project where the UI just need to work with couple of different devices. It requires a lot more consideration of different ki…

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CSV Table Block Concept for Episerver

This is an option to avoid usage tables in WYSIWYG HTML editor. Tables in any rich text editor have always be problematic for responsive design, but data often exists in table format (example in Excel) so the usage of table tools is inevitable. We are using CSV (comma separated values) as description of table because almost all systems and software (e…

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Scheduled Job Manager for cleaning Episerver background tasks

scheduled-job-manager-01 Episerver scheduled job manager for cleaning and maintaining scheduled jobs. Sometimes you may find old scheduled jobs in database if the scheduled job is renamed, moved or deleted. Old Scheduled jobs are not automatically deleted but with this tool you can easily and safely delete those useless scheduled jobs. This is basically single file solution f…

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No parameterless constructor exception, Greediest Constructor and DefaultConstructor-attribute

You propably have pump into IoC framework (StructureMap) problem "No parameterless constructor" but are you familiar with StructureMap constructor selection, greediest constructor rule, default constructor attribute and good practices of implementing multiple constructors. You probably have seen this YSOD-screen before and it actually says that my StartPa…

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Redirect Manager for Episerver HTTP 301 redirects

Redirect Manager is simple, portable, extendable, open source redirect tool for Episerver projects.

Redirection rules

Here's couple of examples what kind of rules are possible.


It's built to be as minimalistic as possible and as an example of simple Episerver add-on. It requires only 4 files for business logic and data access, 1 co…

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EPiServer Content Area Renderer With Row Support

EPiServer Display options is a really nice feature but it's lacking a row rendering option for Bootstrap Grid system.


Without row-elements your grid will got broken quite easily and you need to create "dirty CSS hacks" to fix it.


To create rich content with various types of blocks and content sizes you need to separate the rows with &…

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