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Redirect Manager for Episerver HTTP 301 redirects

Redirect Manager is simple, portable, extendable, open source redirect tool for Episerver projects.

Redirection rules

Here's couple of examples what kind of rules are possible.


It's built to be as minimalistic as possible and as an example of simple Episerver add-on. It requires only 4 files for business logic and data access, 1 co…

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EPiServer Content Area Renderer With Row Support

EPiServer Display options is a really nice feature but it's lacking a row rendering option for Bootstrap Grid system.


Without row-elements your grid will got broken quite easily and you need to create "dirty CSS hacks" to fix it.


To create rich content with various types of blocks and content sizes you need to separate the rows with &…

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ContentReferenceList property in EPiServer CMS 8.6.0

EPiServer just released a excellent new property type ContentReferenceList or in code it's written IList<ContentReference>. In Edit view ContentReferenceList property makes it easy to drag & drop content and it clearly says which content types are allowed. content-reference-list-v04 Selection view makes it easy to recognize which pages  are allowed. content-reference-list-v02 And the…

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Is Google indexing Ajax (json) Content? #SEO!

Is Google able to index content loaded with ajax requests? Some SEO consults say Google understands JavaScript but some prefer that content should be in the html source. Using JS frameworks like AngularJS with public web sites it's really important to know the SEO effects. Klikki - Nordic Digital Marketing Agency made this SEO test which loaded html by aj…

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EPiServer in Azure Web Sites and SQL Azure

banana.testaaja.netIs the EPiServer 7.5 Azure compatibility real or just some sales pitch. Make your own decision and look at my demo site. It might look familiar :) banana.testaaja.net or bananaazuredemo.azurewebsites.net (please click and make some traffic because I'm trying to collect data of the usage and costs) EPiServer 7.5 has gone through some changes and it's n…

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Deploying EPiServer Alloy Database to SQL Azure

DeployingToSQLAzureThis article is related to article EPiServer in Azure Web Sites and SQL Azure. Deploy EPiServer 7.5 Alloy template database to the SQL Azure you will probably get at least 3 errors:
  1. Error SQL70015: Error validating element [dbo].[aspnet_Membership_GetNumberOfUsersOnline]: Deprecated feature 'Table hint without WITH' is not supported on SQL Azure.
  2. Er…

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EPiServer Default Controller to avoid dummy controllers

EPiServer MVC site often have controllers that do not have any logic and so they shouldn't even exist. EPiServer have done great job to allow inheritance and covariance in controller selection. So you can set up your default controller which is used when you haven't created explicitly controller. Here's a simply default controller which do the job.

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EPiServer Edit Mode Language and Culture Selection Bug Fix

EPiServer 7 have annoying bug that it uses wrong culture for showing resource texts and datetimes etc. You can read more about the bug from here: http://world.episerver.com/Modules/Forum/Pages/Thread.aspx?id=71724. This problem can be fixed with couple of small modifications. I have use this fix in couple of projects and solution has worked every time wit…

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Google Analytics event tracking for site files and external links

Here is pretty simple and easy script for modifying all your site's links to notify GA for a hit to a file or external url.

//Google Analytics event tracking for files.
if (typeof jQuery != 'undefined') {
  jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    var …

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Web Deploy Error: User Not Admin from MsDeployAgentService

I just bump into this familiar web deployment error USER_NOT_ADMIN, but this time was different that I was sure it wasn't caused by faulty installation or permission issues. Difference was that for the first time I was using Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.0. Server was not connected to any domain and I had administrator privileges so reason simple couldn't be…

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