CSV Table Block Concept for Episerver

This is an option to avoid usage tables in WYSIWYG HTML editor. Tables in any rich text editor have always be problematic for responsive design, but data often exists in table format (example in Excel) so the usage of table tools is inevitable. We are using CSV (comma separated values) as description of table because almost all systems and software (example Excel) can produce CSV data. Also because CSV is readable and editable for much larger group of people than example XML or JSON. PropertyList would be one good option to improve the editor's experience but in this case the data came mostly from external sources. So the import feature was much more important.

CSV Table Block Example

(unfortunately, screenshots and URL examples are only in Finnish) You can find live example of table block in Evira's web page. csv table block csv table block 2   csv table block 3 CSV format is customized to support links and simple formatting.  


Front-end is mostly made with jQuery plugin DataTables. It's simple and easily customized for various needs. UI and responsive design comes from Bootstrap table styles. And the backend is simple Episerver block implementation with CSV to Table conversions. Unfortunately, the codes are not (yet) publicly available.