Is Google indexing Ajax (json) Content? #SEO!

Is Google able to index content loaded with ajax requests? Some SEO consults say Google understands JavaScript but some prefer that content should be in the html source. Using JS frameworks like AngularJS with public web sites it's really important to know the SEO effects. Klikki - Nordic Digital Marketing Agency made this SEO test which loaded html by ajax request. Unfortunately html is used rarely and most often json is the content which is used in ajax requests.

Ajax Json SEO Tests

Here are 4 tests which all load content a bit differently.

1: This content comes directly from json property:

2: This content comes from json array:

3: This content comes from json invert array:

4: This content comes from json invert text:

Test methods

JavaScript Source

$(document).ready(function () {
    var filename = "json-test-content.json";
    var path = "/archive/";
        dataType: "json",
        url: path + filename,
        success: function (data) {
            //test 1
            $("#seo-content-test .result").append(data.simpleContent);
            //test 2
            $.each(data.arrayContent, function (val, key) {
                $("#seo-array-test .result").append(key + " ");
            //test 3
            $.each(data.invertArrayContent.reverse(), function (val, key) {
                $("#seo-array-invert-test .result").append(key + " ");
            $.each(data.invertContent.split("").reverse(), function (val, key) {
                $("#seo-invert-text-test .result").append(key);

Json Content

seo test json data


Using Google's Webmaster tools, it looks like Google would be able to understand (render) the ajax content. seo-json-test-webmaster All the html content is searchable in Google google-result-1 Just after creating these tests Google was NOT able to find the json content. google-result-3 After a day search result changed and now the result is visible in Google: seo-skeptics-result


So Google is really able to index content generated from ajax request. Google has announced beginning of this (2014) year that it supports Javascript and after these tests I fully believe that it's possible to create public web sites with AngularJS kind of JS frameworks (which generates the content from ajax requests) without any fallback indexing systems for Google's crawler. Google is also one of the biggest AngularJS developer, so it's also in Google's interest to support those techniques and raise the rankings of sites which uses those techniques.  
Is Google able to index content loaded with ajax requests? Some SEO consults say Google understands…