Responsive Application - Yellow City

I have spent couple of days developing web site / iPad / iPhone application with responsive design and mobile first principles. Project's idea has been to test how the principles work in action and absorb some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, how the design affects on content and what should be consider when responsive site is designed. There hasn't been anyone specifying the design or anyone drafting the UI. Everything has been made iterative through the hard way by me.'s couple techniques that I have used or practiced in this project:
  • HTML5 & browsers
    • Browsers Geo Location support
  • Layout / Design
    • Mixing positioning between absolute and relative
    • Fluid design combined with responsive design
    • Using CSS3 and JavaScript for responsive design
    • Designing content primary for mobile but compromising it with desktop view
  • Google Maps API v3
    • Google Maps Markers
    • Layers on top of the map
  • CSS3
    • Rounded corners
    • Shadows
    • Animations
    • Transparent backgrounds
    • Web Fonts
  • Performance tools
    • Using Google open-source JavaScript libraries
    • Minification, compression and  combination of JavaScript and CSS files
  • Mobile frameworks
    • PhoneGap (but it's not actually used in this project)
  Yellow City (Keltainen Kaupunki) is small series of exhibitions of more about Yellow City.  







I realize that this application is not perfect but it's not meant to be one. I have quite many improvement ideas but they shall wait for the next project. HTML5 applications seems to work quite well in various different mobile devices. I haven't been able to test it in all devices so I would be grateful for your response and screenshots (mikko (a) Most Finnish companies don't have resources to  create application on all devices separately and maintaining 3-6 different code base for application is unbearable. HTML5 is the key but the best language/platform really depends on nature of the application.
I have spent couple of days developing web site / iPad / iPhone application with responsive design a…