Working with Responsive Design Projects

refe-collage Working as a software architect in projects where visual appearance, user interfaces and large scale of device support is as important as the right data and the functioning is very different than being just a back-end developer in a project where the UI just need to work with couple of different devices. It requires a lot more consideration of different kind of needs and point of views. It often requires some understanding and co-operation of:
  • Business needs (Project owners and¬†consults)
  • UX and functional design (UX-experts)
  • Art and visual design (Art Director and Visual Designer)
  • Front-end developing knowledge (Front-end developer)
  • Back-end developing¬†knowledge (Back-end developer)
  • Hosting environment knowledge (IT-experts)
  • Integration or product knowledge (Integration specialists or product-experts)
  • Project knowledge (Project manager)
I've been very lucky to be able to work with really nice projects with great clients who have appreciate the UI and understand the importance of great visual appearance, great UX and UI and how those effect on the user experience and the message what companies are trying send. Here is couple of screenshots of the work I've been part of in last two years. I'm very proud of what we have accomplished with the teams, clients and with the co-operation. proj1-evira-fi-1 proj1-evira-fi-3 proj1-evira-fi-2
proj2-vks-fi-1 proj2-vks-fi-2
proj3-metso-com-1 proj3-metso-com-2 proj3-metso-com-3 proj3-metso-com-4
proj4-nordea-ajassa-1 proj4-nordea-ajassa-2
proj5-veho-fi-1 proj5-veho-fi-2 proj5-veho-fi-3 proj5-veho-fi-4
proj6-veho-trucks-1 proj6-veho-trucks-2
proj7-vshp-intra-1 proj7-vshp-intra-2