Using Indexing Service With Both HTTP and HTTPS

In my previous article I showed how to modify Indexing Service when SSL is used, but in some cases you might want to use Indexing Service simultaneously with SSL and without it. Example if you allow users to access EPiServer back-end with HTTP and HTTPS protocols or your environments (local, test, s…

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Adaptive Images

lemminkainen_rwd We just launched new responsive web site www.lemminkainen.fi. It has lot of great features but one of them which you might not notice is the adaptive images. With the site like lemminkainen.fi there normally are lot of different kind of content and there are also many different size of images…

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EPiServer 7 Language Bug - Empty property value removes also master language value

We have discovered quite serious bug in EPiServer CMS 7 (7.0.586.1). The bug could effect a lose of data. The bug affects only sites that have multiple languages. When user removes value from a property in another language version it will also remove the property value from the master languag…

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