No parameterless constructor exception, Greediest Constructor and DefaultConstructor-attribute

You propably have pump into IoC framework (StructureMap) problem "No parameterless constructor" but are you familiar with StructureMap constructor selection, greediest constructor rule, default constructor attribute and good practices of implementing multiple constructors. You probably have seen…

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EPiServer Content Area Renderer With Row Support

EPiServer Display options is a really nice feature but it's lacking a row rendering option for Bootstrap Grid system.


Without row-elements your grid will got broken quite easily and you need to create "dirty CSS hacks" to fix it.


To create rich content with various types of b…

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Why do I prefer using blocks in EPiServer

In EPiServer 7 there are several ways to design and implement features and because of such a wide scale of ways to do it,  it's often hard to find the most suitable way for specific case. As a developer/architect perspective these are the most important reasons why I prefer to use blocks:
  • Blo…

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